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My most recent work is based upon the medieval ruins of the British Isles. 

If you might be interested in commissioning me for a piece of work then please do get in touch, either via the contacts form on this site or via twitter where I am @beakheads.

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Above (left): Greyfriars, Winchelsea, East Sussex; (right) Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire.

Below (left): Tresco Abbey, Isles of Scilly; (right) Bayham Abbey, East Sussex.

Some examples of previous work, clockwise from below left:

1) Kilkenny limestone slab carved with Romanesque star motifs (2010);

2) Beakheads, gouache on paper (2021);

3) Exeter Cathedral roof boss, charcoal on paper (2013);

4) Eve at Autun Cathedral, watercolour and pencil on paper (2020).

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Eve at Autun crop.jpg
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