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My current work is based upon the medieval ruins of the British Isles. 

Some of the images on this page are available as prints and cards from my shop. If you might be interested in commissioning me for a piece of work then please do get in touch, either via the contacts form on this site or via twitter where I am @beakheads.

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Above (left): Greyfriars, Winchelsea, East Sussex; (right) Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire.

Below (left): Tresco Abbey, Isles of Scilly; (right) Bayham Abbey, East Sussex.

Some examples of previous work, clockwise from below left:

1) Kilkenny limestone slab carved with Romanesque star motifs (2010);

2) Beakheads, gouache on paper (2021);

3) Exeter Cathedral roof boss, charcoal on paper (2013);

4) Eve at Autun Cathedral, watercolour and pencil on paper (2020).

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