Just a little bit behind with writing this news update ... I suppose I tend to wait until I have a good bunch of things to gather together. Halfway through the year already!

Back in March Natural Stone magazine did a feature about King of Dust which explored my aims for the book, how it gradually took shape and why the Romanesque has had such an impact on my life. You can read the piece here.

Last year I started tinkering with a piece of writing that thought it was a poem then became an essay and then ended up as creative non-fiction. 'The Sky at Bayham' was published last month in the new journal Echtrai whose remit is to explore 'landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten and mythic'. My piece centres on Bayham Abbey in Sussex and the multiple worlds it has opened up for me over the years, including a love for medieval architecture when in my teens. Some excellent writing in this journal so do look out for it. 

In terms of images I've been working on a couple of commissions for paintings as well as a great project with Dr Emma Wells and Dr Claire Kennan. Their What is History? online store features medieval-inspired imagery across a range of t-shirts, mugs, socks, whatever you want! I've done sheela-na-gig, beakhead and mermaids designs so far, do have a browse when you have a moment.

Gargoyles and Grotesques turns 10 this month! My first proper book so to commemorate the occasion I've made an edition of ten linocut prints of the grotesque on the front cover, from Adderbury Church in Oxfordshire (pictured to the right). They're available from my new shop along with prints, cards, books and even Romanesque and Gothic giftwrap. Link is here or the shop tab in the menu above.

I've got some talks coming up too, all online at the moment. Confirmed so far are the following: 

July 12th - Churches Conservation Trust. King of Dust/Romanesque                                  sculpture

August 19th - Cornish Buildings Group - Medieval sculpture in Cornwall

September 2nd - Churches Conservation Trust - Gargoyles and Grotesques

September 7th - Society for Church Archaeology - King of                                                    Dust/Romanesque sculpture

October 30th - Devon Archaeological Society/Cornwall Archaeological                              Society Symposium - Romanesque sculpture in Devon and                                Cornwall

Details of how to book for these forthcoming, or keep an eye out on their respective websites.


That's about it for the moment. Hope everyone is keeping well - AW.

Gargoyle 2.jpg