Somerset Romanesque

A couple of years ago I found a heap of black and white photographs of Romanesque sculpture in a secondhand shop in Hastings. I recognised some of the places and from the few that were labelled it would seem that all were of churches in Somerset. I was amazed at finding them - that a bit of Westcountry Romanesque should appear in the southeast and make itself known to me was quite bizarre. I was in the finishing stages of writing King of Dust at the time so it all seemed like some strange message ... though quite what the message was I had no idea.

I found the envelope of photos again recently and, wondering what to do with them and who they belonged to and how they found their way over here, started to draw them. It's now become a slight obsession - I draw one everyday. Mostly they are in pen and ink but on some I've tried to channel my inner John Piper. They will be for sale at some point, I think, if anyone is interested! (Mixed media on thick watercolour paper and A5 in size).

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