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My writing appears in journals and magazines including EchtraiElementum, Resurgence, Reliquiae, The Debutante, Shima, Pleasure Garden and The Clearing as well as various archaeological books and journals. Some of them are shown below - click on a title to find out more.


The following are available to read online:  

In the Eye of the Hagstone. An exploratory piece about the Sussex coast, tracing the folklore of holed stones and the geology of flint and chalk. 

Interpreter of the Dream and Saltwater Zodiac are both inspired by the surrealist artist Edith Rimmington (1902–1986) and her later years in Bexhill-on-sea, the town on the south coast in which I grew up. Saltwater Zodiac was shortlisted for the Hastings Literature Festival poetry prize.

Melusine as Alchemical Siren explores the impact of the medieval legend of Melusine upon the twentieth-century artist and writer Andre Breton, in particular his book Arcane 17. The imagery of tarot cards, crystals, geology and the future of humanity all get a mention.

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